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Social Responsibility

As a cellular organization of society, Handsome Chemical Group believes that it has an obligation to make corresponding contributions to the progress and development of society. We are committed to fulfilling our corporate citizenship responsibilities through practical actions, continuously contributing our own strength to such activities, achieving social feedback, and persistently pursuing long-term progress in human society and culture.

Donations to schools

Education Donation

We spread the spark of social responsibility and hope by supporting education for a long time. We believe that education is related to the future of humanity, and we support it through donations.

Poverty alleviation and disaster relief

Poverty Alleviation and Disaster Relief

We believe that funding for poverty alleviation and disaster relief is an integral part of the development of our company. We have been making annual donations to Red Cross, charities, and other philanthropic organizations for many years, which has earned us a good reputation. Our direct investment in public welfare has exceeded tens of millions of yuan, creating a positive atmosphere where the company actively leads and employees actively participate.

Donated resistance to disease

Fight the Epidemic Donation

In 2020, The COVID-19 suddenly swept across the country. In response to the epidemic, all sectors of Chinese society are taking action. Medical staff are rushing to the front line, and there is a shortage of anti-epidemic materials. To solve the urgent problem, We urgently mobilized alcohol and donated it to the government. As compassionate individuals fighting the epidemic and dedicated contributors with love, we are demonstrating our responsibility and commitment through practical actions.

Staff care

Employees Caring

Employees are the first asset of our company and the main force for achieving sustainable development. We adhere to the policy of "Health and safety are the highest interests of the company" and make every effort to ensure the health and safety of our employees. We provide a better working environment and create an efficient work atmosphere for our employees, comprehensively improving their work skills, cultural knowledge, and overall quality. We also care about the education of our employees' children and strive to enhance their sense of happiness.

Corporate Mission

Handsome Chemical Group believes that as a cellular organization within society, corporations have an obligation to contribute to social progress and development. We are committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of corporate citizenship through concrete actions, continuously contributing our strength to such activities, providing reciprocation to society, and persistently pursuing long-term advancements in human society and culture.

Corporate Mission

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